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Fabric Choice

Because our fabric choice is vast, we guide our clients to cloths that not only perform well for the occasion, but flatter skin tone and personality.


An individual pattern is created for each customer drafted using body dimensions and posture. This pattern is updated after each fitting and kept for future orders.

Construction Essentials

Our bespoke suits are made using only the finest components. We use full canvas construction hand padded to ensure shaping to the contours of the body. Horn buttons, silk hand made buttonholes and luxurious linings to enhance the beauty of a hand made suit.


We baste our garments together and prepare a fitting.

Make Up

After the fitting, the garment is stripped and re-cut to ensure the perfect fit.

Customer Satisfaction

There's nothing quite like a hand made suit to make you feel your best and give 

  the confidence to excel in any situation.

With over 40 years of tailoring experience, our Head Cutter believes that true style never goes out of fashion.

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